Saturday, November 8, 2008

History of Beyond Toothpaste

It took thirty years of research for David Webster to create Beyond Toothpaste. He cured his own periodontal disease and gingivitis, now he wants to help everyone else. His mission is to end needless suffering in the world.
Here's David's story:
"I had always gone to the dentist and practiced good oral hygiene, but always had bleeding gums to one degree or another when I flossed. The gum procedure was standard practice and the cost was extreme. When I began doing research into the situation I was confronted with and found that there was no cure, only symptomatic treatment and hope. I contacted the University of Southern California School of Dentistry and went the course. Six months of reconstruction that included some teeth being filled and capped, gums cut, plus a lot of pain and discomfort to say the least. I was fortunate that a top-of-his class graduate student performed the technique, yet I still had periodontal disease! So the best was not enough and I had to find a cure that was real or pay the rest of my life for more symptomatic treatment. Some might say I was between "a rock and a hard place" because research showed that there never has been a lasting cure for gum disease in all of human history. I am writing this so you can have an understanding of what went into the production of Beyond Toothpaste. Now at long last you can eliminate it for you and your family by simply brushing your teeth with my toothpaste."

Ask The Inventor

Ask the inventor anything you want to know about Beyond Toothpaste.