Monday, December 29, 2008

12 Tubes Were Given Away On Christmas

Consumed by the spirit of Christmas, the Tooth Fairy traveled all over San Diego in order to give away 12 tubes of Beyond Toothpaste. She tried to find the people with the greatest need, and during the search, she met a lot of interesting people. Pictured here are a few of the recipients. She went to Carlsbad, Seaport Village, downtown, Hillcrest and took the Coaster and trolleys. Pictured here are some of the people to whom she gave the toothpaste: a man who told her he was a nomad, originally from Egypt, a shoe shiner downtown, a Seaport Village illustrator, a vacationing mother from the Midwest, a young girl who is currently homeless, a Carlsbad cafe waitress, a worker at a fast-food vegan restaurant, a very philosophical man at Cafe Libertalia and a few others. All in all, the day turned out very well and the Tooth Fairy hopes all of them have happy mouth feelings for the rest of the year and into the next.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

What is Beyond Toothpaste?

In a nutshell, Beyond Toothpaste is: all natural, made in the USA, vegan and kosher. It does not contain fluoride, triclosan, sulfates and was not tested on animals. Finally, an earth friendly, natural toothpaste that actually works has arrived. 
So, why does Beyond Toothpaste work differently than other toothpastes? 
Because it disinfects the mouth at the root cause. Essentially, the excretions of the bacteria in the mouth are the cause of gingivitis, periodontal disease, bleeding gums and loss of teeth. Beyond Toothpaste removes the environment that is desirable to the bacteria. For more scientific information, check out our reading room.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Natural Toothpaste Revolution is Here

How would you like to wake up without that yucky film on your teeth? Now you can. The Beyond Toothpaste revolution is here. Regular use will reduce the symptoms of gingivitis and periodontal disease which is a major cause of tooth loss in adults. It's all natural, kosher, vegan  and is cruelty-free, fluoride-free and triclosan-free. The difference between it and other natural toothpastes is that Beyond Toothpaste actually works.
To learn more about how Beyond Toothpaste works, visit our scientific reading room.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from Beyond Toothpaste. We hope all of you are healthy and happy this holiday season. 

Happy Brushing!

Friday, December 19, 2008

SULFUR: What is it?

"Sulfur has been used medicinally since ancient times and it is contained in every cell in your body. It is a component of three different amino acids (the building blocks that make up protein). Approximately 0.25% of your total body weight is sulfur. It is most concentrated in keratin, which gives you strong hair, nails and skin. It is known as "nature's beauty mineral" because your body needs it to manufacture collagen, which keeps your skin elastic and youthful. Sulfur is used primarily to ease the red, itchy rashes of conditions such as eczema and diaper rash. It also helps protect your body against toxins in the environment. In addition, people with arthritis may find pain relief from taking a soothing bath in hot sulfur springs." Read more about sulfur:
University of Maryland Medical Center

"Sulfur is a part of many bacterial defense molecules. For example, though sulfur is not part of the lactam ring, it is part of most beta lactam antibiotics, including the penicillins, cephalosporins and monobactams."

Monday, December 15, 2008

Beyond Toothpaste at Leucadia's Farmer's Market

Despite the cold weather and sparse turn-out, David Webster and his tooth fairy, Leah Stephens had a fun time, giving out Christmas eggs, meeting people and spreading knowledge. Six people won free tubes of toothpaste and about a dozen people bought their very first tubes of Beyond Toothpaste. 

Inventor and Tooth Fairy Attend Museum of Jurassic Technology Party

Inventor David Webster and his tooth fairy attended the Museum of Jurassic Technology's annual holiday party in Los Angeles, California. At the party, they looked at microminiatures, 3-d vectographs, met members of the Stereo Club of Southern California and received hand-made 3-d postcards. Other attendees included Lori Precious, a documentary filmmaker and Perry Hoberman, Associate Research Professor of Interactive Media at USC.  Everyone was there: British chefs, 3-d photographers, filmmakers, inventors, researchers, Sonik Mercury, common louses, faux magicians and of course,  MJT founder, David Wilson, to whom was given a tube of Beyond Toothpaste with the following message written on the exterior, "No one may ever have the same knowledge again."